The scope of the UNE-EN 16361:2014 certification include automatic pedestrian doors, any other than swing type, initially designed for installation with power operation without fire-resistant properties or smoke leakage features. The minimum requirements has been assessed, which are necessary for its commercialization in European markets, besides to respond to the sector’s needs. Manusa has realized a complete analysis for its product’s full validation according to UNE-EN 16361:2014.

Essential characteristics tested:

  • Mechanical properties: impacts, impact forces, durability, resistance to wind load.
  • Acoustic performance: direct airborne sound insulation index.
  • Thermal transmittance (U)
  • Air permeability
  • Watertightness

The compliance with this certificaction, guarantees that the product is manufactured and designed according to the parameters indicated and guarantees minimum security performances.

At present, Tecnalia is the only laboratory with the ENAC accreditation for tests according to UNE-EN 16361:2014 for CE marking of automatic pedestrian doors, elaborated by the Technical Committe CEN/TC33.

Manusa, with presence in more tan 70 countries around the world, has always worked in offering complete solutions with state-of-the-art technology, but always keeping an eye on user’s safety. Thanks to this clear purpose, has been the first company to test and certificate its automatic pedestrian doors.