Manusa was present for the seventh year running at "XXXII Seminario de Ingeniería Hospitalaria", National Congress which took place in Pamplona (Spain) from 15th to 17th October. With a wide range of automatic door systems, Manusa could not miss this exhibition for offering its last new products, adaptables to any access automation requirement in a hospital complex.

Among this new solutions, Manusa showed its hermetic sliding door with a P50 leaf, made of HPL with extralarge vision panel and integrated venetian blind. Thanks to its touchless switch for reduced opening and its elbow push button for complete opening, this solution facilitates only the necessary area for every situation, because the space needed for a person is narrower than the one for a stretcher. In this way, it contributes to the energy saving when the doors are set up at environments with different pressures, because the door is completely opened only when it is absolutely necessary, avoiding the loss of pressure when a narrower space is needed.

A Linea automatic guide for interior doors was showed as well, with P50 panelled leaf made up of HPL, stainless steel horizontal stripe and vision panel, mounted in a transparent glass structure. An opening push button allows to know the door's state thanks to its light indicators. Moreover, the remote control opens the door with no need of contact. In both cases, the solutions presented were made of high pressure laminate (HPL), a material with great features and advantages over stainless steel: reduced cost, different finishes capable to be adapted to the aesthetics of any interior space, high scratch and dent resistance and no special care required.

With more than 45 years of experience in the automatic door sector, Manusa offers an automatic door to fulfil every requirement: sliding, swing, lead-lined or glass, all of them fulfil the necessary functional, aesthetic and hygiene requirements.